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About Tay Ridge

Welcome to our charming tiny village near Perth, Ontario—a unique blend of community, nature, and sustainability. Imagine a life where simplicity meets connection, surrounded by the serenity of nature. Our community of thoughtfully crafted tiny homes offer an accessible entry into a simple, yet vibrant lifestyle. Embrace sustainable living in a close-knit community that redefines the essence of home. Welcome to affordable, purposeful living at its finest!

Our Vision

At our Tiny Home Village, we envision a thriving community where simplicity seamlessly coexists with innovation and fostering lasting connections among residents. Together, we are building a sanctuary rooted in attainability and sustainability, redefining the concept of housing.


Our commitment is to create a vibrant, joyful, and forward- looking space that resonates with the aspirations of a new generation. This vision propels us to continually innovate and shape a living experience that goes beyond the conventional, reflecting the essence of community, sustainability, and modern simplicity.


Core Initiatives

Community Building

Cultivating a sense of belonging and camaraderie among residents

Affordability and Accessibility

Ensuring a range of models & attainable prices for accessible homeownership at a location that is easily accessible and inclusive


Integrating eco-conscious principles into the construction and daily living, creating a sustainable living environment within the community, with a focus on integrating with nature


Innovation in Design

Exploring forward-thinking, space-efficient, and aesthetically pleasing tiny home designs

Wellness and Lifestyle

Promoting a healthy and active lifestyle, complemented by community spaces and surrounding nature

Humble Creek Homes

Meet the driving force behind Tay Ridge – Humble Creek Homes. Pioneers in the Ottawa and Eastern Ontario Tiny Home industry, they prioritize modern, reasonably priced solutions with a focus on sustainability and responsible construction. Rooted in values of Quality, Communication, Service, and Family, they ensure high standards and client-centric service. Explore more about the foundation of our tiny village through Humble Creek Homes, where every home narrates a tale of excellence and family values.


Explore Our Home

Introducing The Noble, our signature home offered at Tay Ridge.

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