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Phase 1 - Facility Map

Tay Ridge Phase1.jpg

Limited Production for 2024

Due to limited production planned for 2024 and the early interest in our Tiny Home '' The Noble", we are now accepting reservation bookings. Benefits of booking a reservation include:

  • A fully refundable $3,000 deposit.

  • Priority in the production of your Tiny Home and placement at Tay Ridge Park.

  • An additional $2,000 discount off your Tiny Home's price.

  • A $1,000 contribution by HCH towards building CHEO's first Tiny Home.

  • The first 20 reservations will be invited to join Tay Ridge's "Development Committee," allowing you to provide direct feedback on the community's growth.

  • A guaranteed delivery of your Tiny Home within 90 days of the reservation booking and initial deposit.

Phase 2 - Facility Map

Explore our site map to envision the future of our evolving tiny home village. Please note that while it reflects our end vision, some features may adapt for optimal functionality as the community develops. Join us on this exciting journey, where dreams become reality, one phase at a time!

Site Plan RENDERING[40].jpg

Stay tuned for more excitement!


Our journey is just beginning, and we will be updating this page with additional site maps detailing each phase and providing more intricate details. Keep an eye on this space for the latest developments and a closer look at the future of our tiny village.

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