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Meet Our Team

At the heart of Tay Ridge is a passionate team of dreamers who dared to reimagine living. Founded by Patrick Lamothe and Simon Feizo-Gas, a dynamic duo with a shared love for family, community, and the simple joys of life, Humble Creek is a company that has set out to create beautiful options for tiny living.


Rooted in Family Values
Patrick and Simon are not just leaders; they are family-oriented individuals who understand the importance of a home that nurtures and grows with you. As parents themselves, they envisioned a community where every resident feels a sense of belonging, much like a tight-knit family.

Community-Centric Philosophy
Guided by the belief that a community is not just a collection of homes but a shared tapestry of lives, Patrick and Simon are dedicated to building a space where neighbors become friends, and every individual plays a vital role in the vibrant lifestyle of Tay Ridge.

Living a Full Life
Patrick and Simon passionately advocate for a full and meaningful life for everyone. Beyond constructing houses, they aspire to create an environment that encourages personal fulfillment, growth, and a genuine sense of happiness.

Join Pat & Simon and the Humble Creek team on this remarkable journey as they continue to craft not just homes but a flourishing community where every resident is valued, every story is celebrated, and every day is an opportunity for a full, joyous life.

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